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Retire Early Productions – The People Behind The Vision

We are a small group of successful entrepeneours who would like to share with you some of the knowledge we have gained over the years.
Here is an outstanding fact.
Only 1% of the population of the modern world will ever be totally financially independent at retirement age!!
Another, rather more worrying, fact is that 95% of the same populations will require some State help at the same age.

Why Is That?

The reasons are numerous: from illness to laziness. Yet if we had to pick just one reason it would be that the vast majority of people surround themselves with the wrong influences – the wrong environment.
In this instance the `wrong environment’ is the people you surround yourself with, the TV you watch, the books you read.
If, however, you mix with successful people you will gradually learn all of habits they have, from setting goals to taking the right kind of actions. You will also find that opportunities start to come your way.
In the absence of such people to bounce off then you simply MUST devour as many books, audios and videos as you possibly can. We can help you with this!
We have made our books bite sized so that you can read them quickly and take the main points out of them. Our books are a great way to fill your mind with great information whilst you are travelling, and our Videoliminals are simply ground-breaking!

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