Project Description

Acres Of Diamonds

There was this farmer who lived in Africa around the time diamonds were first discovered there. One day, a visitor to his farm told him of the millions being made by people who were discovering diamond mines and he promptly upped and sold his farm to go in search of diamonds himself. He searched high and low, all over the massive continent but finally penniless, in poor health and disillusioned, he threw himself into a river and drowned.

Long before his demise, the man who had bought the farm from him found a large unusual-looking rock in the creek running through the farm which he put on his mantelpiece as a curio. The same visitor who had told the original farmer about the diamond mine discoveries came by again one day and, after examining the rock with great interest, informed the new farm owner that he had discovered one of the largest diamonds ever found and that it was worth a king’s ransom! To his surprise the farmer casually replied “Oh, my entire farm is covered with rocks just like that one”. The farm which the first farmer sold to go in search of diamonds turned out to be one of the richest diamond mines in the world. The first farmer had actually already owned acres of diamonds but had made the mistake of not examining what he had before running off to something he hoped would be better.

Each of us is like the first farmer; no matter where we live or what we do we are surrounded by acres of diamonds… if only we simply look for them. Like the curious-looking rocks that covered the farm, they may not appear to be diamonds at first glance but a closer look and some polishing will reveal our opportunities and abilities for what they really are!