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The Laws for Success

Napoleon’s findings were an eye opener. It now made perfect sense why some people succeed beyond all expectations… while others, with equal abilities, fail so miserably.

Here’s what he discovered:

He learned that everything we do starts in the mind as a simple thought.

Whatever you think about, you will be drawn to. Taking it a step further, whatever you think about… will eventually come to pass.

Your thoughts become the blueprint for your life – dictating what you do and expect from life.

For instance, if you think about misfortune, you’ll expect misfortune to happen. And it will.

You’ve probably seen it yourself. A loser will quit at the first obstacle, saying “See! Things never go my way! Why even bother trying?” And even if things do go right, the loser will say, “It was just a fluke. I never win!” They lose because they expect to lose.

Winners, on the other hand, think about winning. They are successful because they think of themselves as successful.

An obstacle that would stop a loser in his tracks becomes a small glitch to a winner. “No big deal”, he says, and keeps on going until he succeeds. Napoleon saw this quality clearly in Thomas Edison.

“He had that quality of turning on more effort instead of quitting when the going was hard. Before he perfected the incandescent electric light, he tried more than 10,000 different ideas, all of which failed to work!”

“He told me if he hadn’t found the secret of the incandescent electric light at that very moment, he would still be in his laboratory working on it instead of wasting his time talking with me. And then, in a more serious note, he said ‘You know, I had to succeed because I finally ran out of things that wouldn’t work!”