Project Description

Take Massive, Massive All Out Action Now!

If the President and Treasury Secretary in the USA called and informed you that you were picked to go to Fort Knox for five full days to take out all the gold that you possibly could and that they had passed an Act of Congress telling you that whatever amount you got, it was yours to keep, free and clear – you’d be set for life!!

The only conditions were that you had to be at Fort Knox 24 hours from now, pay your own expenses to get down there and pay up front all of your carting costs to haul your gold away…


1. Would you be there ?

2. Could you find the money to do it ?

3. Would you take a lunch break ?

4. Would you sleep much ?

5. Would you watch television ?

6. Would you be focused on the project ?

Good luck and may the next few years be yours to claim…

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion; you must ignite yourself first, then catch fire with enthusiasm…

…and people will walk from miles, and miles and miles around to watch you burn…” ~ Peter Aldred 08.08.08