Project Description

Build Your Vision

Back, a long, long time ago, there was a little snail that had a vision – it’s vision was to climb a cherry tree so it could eat some cherries. It was a cold windy day in the early part of spring and, as it started to climb the cherry tree, which was a very long journey, it couldn’t help but catch the attention of a lot of sparrow birds that just watched the snail start to slowly climb up the tree…

The sparrow birds started to have fun at the expense of the snail. Kinda gawking at it, calling it names, laughing at it and so forth. The snail just kept right on climbing up the cherry tree. Finally, one of the sparrow birds just couldn’t take it anymore; it flew off its perch and landed right in front of the snail. It looked him right in the eye and said You are just the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on the face of this earth and you re also the dumbest – I mean, for crying out loud, there aren’t even any cherries on this cherry tree!!

The snail looked the bird straight in the eye and, with a large smile on its face and a bold vision in its eye, said Yeah, I know that… but there will be when I get there!!!! 🙂