MINDMASTER Videoliminal


This is a simply awesome combination of music and video footage. The music itself is taken from Seven Secrets and it has been mixed in with stunning video footage. As well as that it has some subtle subliminal messages that you will barely hear and it also has on screen inspiring quotations from mostly famous people.

Why `videoliminal?’ Because if you allow yourself to simply watch the tranquil footage you will move into a state of mind where your Alpha and Theta waves will allow you take in the messages in the video subliminally! Alternatively you can simply allow yourself to close your eyes and just drift off into an extremely relaxing state and just follow the narration.

Ways to buy this videoliminal:
• Through Amazon CreateSpace and own the actual book. Go to https://www.createspace.com/6123441
• Through Amazon Kindle to download onto your Kindle Reader instantly.
• From our E-store to download the pdf. Again, instant access! www.retireearlyproductions.com/shop



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